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8440 Ulmerton Rd Suite 500, Largo, Florida 33771

We offer a large selection of military surplus firearms, parts and accessories from around the world.  We have a retail shop in Largo, Florida.  Please  email us with your surplus inventory you are wanting to sell 

  This site is No Longer being updated. Please visit the following link to go to the updated site which has a secure shopping cart. We Accept credit cards.


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1.                  Swedish M38 Mauser Husqvarna Bent Bolt 6.5X55,#6665xx B3P71L8 Samco Import, VG-EXC with disc, bright bore, stock has a few dings/marks SOLD

2.                  Yugoslav 59/66 SKS Rifle, Interordnance Import, 7.62X39, H2456xx,  B3P71L9, Overall Excellent/Unissued, 1 small ding buttstock and several very small scratches in stock SOLD


4.                  Polish Mosin Nagant  22 Trainer, #KB019xx B3P71L11, Circle 11 arsenal mark, VG, repair in stock at forend and very small repair at stock near rear receiver, EXC  bore, matching bolt and receiver SOLD

5.                  Czech VZ24, 8X57, #D537xx B3P71L12, overall VG, CAI Import Marked, Nice lion crest, VG bore, some dings in stock, rod present SOLD


7.                 Swedish M1894 Mauser Carbine #43xx, NON GUN  1895 all matching, original sling, Exc Bore, Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf  SOLD

8.                  Swedish M1896 Mauser, #4527xx B3P71L14 Carl Gustafson 1918, Samco Import VG-EXC, with disc and sight chart, EXC Bore,  All Matching , stock VG with some dings SOLD

9.                  Czech K98 #30xx B3P71L15, Winter Trigger Guard, Overall EXC, sight hood, no rod,  a few very minor marks on stock SOLD

10.              M1888 Turkish Commission Rifle, #9393 Danzig 1890, Non Gun, matching except barrel bands, Turkish Crescent, Overall G+, even has decent bore, with rod SOLD

11.              Hungarian AK, FEG SA85M #SM01994, B3P71L16, 7.62X39 Preban with Russian AKM furniture  threaded muzzle, slant brake EXC SOLD

12.              Romanian SAR 2, #S203649-99, B3P72L1, 5.45X39 with synthetic stock, T74 Brake, VG condition SOLD

13.              Yugoslav M48 Mauser #A89333, B3P72L2, 8X57, all matching Overall VG-EXC, No Import Mark SOLD

14.              M95 Steyr Mannlicher, Budapest, #8840N, B3P72L3, has sling, Overall VG, matching stock and receiver, engraved serial # on bolt CAI Import SOLD

15.              Mosin Nagant 91/30 Dragoon, #N57644, B3P72L4,  1928 Tula with star, CCCP marked, hooded sight, nonmatching, has rod, overall VG, decent bore, CAI Import SOLD

16.              Swedish M1894 Carbine, #59291, B3P72L5, Carl Gust. 1914, Overall EXC with sling, all matching SOLD

17.              US M1903 A3 Smith Corona, #4764527, B3P72L6, 30.06 with canvas sling and muzzle cover,  overall VG-EXC SOLD

18.              French MAS 49/56 , #G89766, B3P72L7, .308, VG overall, with buttpad and sling, 1 magazine, CAI Import SOLD

19.              German 1871/84,  #7225, Non Gun Spandau 1887, EXC overall with scratches on buttstock, all matching, SOLD

20.              Russian M91/30 Sniper, Original with PU scope, #KKH1828, B3P72L8 Izhvesk, 1944, all matching although 1 digit on receiver misstamped, EXC Bore and EXC overall with a few minor dings, original sling, has rod. Scope marked 91/30 with hammer and sickle. CAI Import SOLD

21.              Remington Mosin Nagant M1891, #227297, B3P72L9, 7.62X54, 1917, overall VG, SA Marked, matching, nice cartouche on stock , CAI Import SOLD

22.              Yugoslav K98, #6069, B3P72L10 Intrac Import marked,8X57,   overall VG, with rod and sling, matching SOLD

23.              US M1 Garand, Springfield Armory #2627166, B3P72L11,30.06,  1966 Barrel,  overall EXC with sling,  SOLD

24.              Russian M1891, #9107, B3P72L12, SA Marked, 7.62X54, AZF Capture Marked, 1910, Non Matching, overall G-VG, Finn swivels and 2 pc stock, no rod CAI Import SOLD

25.              Enfield No4 MK2, #A5601, B3P72L13, 303 British, UF 55 marking, all matching, Overall EXC/Unissued with sling, CAI Import SOLD

26.              Spanish FR8, #FR8-31755, B3P72L14, Spandau 1917 marked, cracked handguard, matching, EXC bore, VG Stock G-VG metal, CAI Import, SOLD

27.              Chinese Mauser, #6241, B3P72L15 Overall Good, some stock damage forend, non matching,  8X57, Federal Ordnance Import, SOLD

28.              Hungarian M1944 Mosin Nagant, #BG3658, B3P72L16, 7.62X54, 02 Marked, Overall EXC/Unissued, correctly marked stock, CAI Import with rod and bayonet, SOLD

29.              Persian Mauser 98/29, #R7925, B3P73L1, 8X57, All matching, sling, rod, Overall EXC, Samco Import SOLD

30.              Turkish Mauser, 1944 dated, #191076, B3P73L2, Ankara 1944 overall VG-EXC, rod Good, Non Matching, CAI Import, SOLD


32.              Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant, SAKO, #244021, B3P73L4, overall VG-EXC SA marked 1944, matching except buttplate, used correct finnish sling, SAKO cartouche on stock, Interordnance import, SOLD

33.              Mossberg M590 A1, #P590633, B3P73L5, 12 GA,  Bayo lug adj rear sight, VG, SOLD

34.              Hungarian, AK, FEG, SA85M, #SM26317, B3P73L6, with US parts, Russian Furniture, slant brake, 7.62X39, KBI Import, SOLD


36.              Argentina M1909 Mauser, #G8866, B3P73L8, 7.65 Argentine, Overall VG+,  Deutch Waffen Berlin, all matching, CAI Import, SOLD

37.              Bulgarian Arsenal AKM with Polish Furniture, #KP370766, B3P73L9, with US parts 7.62X39 EXC SOLD

38.              Stevens 12GA S/S, #S2044,  B3P73L10, 2-3/4 in chamber VG SOLD


40.              Glock 23, #AMF795, B2P51L12, 40 Cal, VG-EXC, NO Mag




44.              Russian TT33, #T250, B2P51L16, 1951, Overall EXC, Matching, No Safety, SSME Import SOLD

45.              S&W Top Break 117957 last patent 1880, Non Gun, Overall Fair-Good


47.              Glock 21, .45,  #AXN379US, B2P52L2, VG-EXC, 1 Mag 13rd,  

48.              Kimber .45 Custom Shop   Custom CDP II, #K084767, B3P52L3 SOLD

49.              Czech CZ52 Pistol, #LB3384, B2P51L14, 7.62X25, 1 magazine, unusual proof/marking , original phosphate finish, EXC SOLD

50.              East German  Makarov, #AY7233,  B2P52L4, SSME, 1961, EXC SOLD

51.              Ruger MK II 50th Anniversary 22LR #223-32912, B2P52L5    EXC with case SOLD

52.              Chilean M1895 Mauser, #A6029, B3P73L6, Berlin    EXC, All Matching including rod, SOLD

53.              German Luger P-08, DWM #6450, B2P52L6, Matching and 1 matching magazine, EXC SOLD

54.              S&W Model 19-3, 2K49986, B2P52L7, VG-EXC in original box with manual

55.              Czech CZ50, #685580, B2P52L8, 7.65, VG No Magazine SOLD

56.              S&W M10, #42009, B2P52L9, G-VG 38SPL

57.              S&W M10, #42009, NONGUN, Matching  VG-EXC, SOLD 

58.              Derringer, PIC-Spain, Cal 12mm, 10261, Non Gun  

Black Powder Rifle, Plainsman, 45 Cal,





Shopping Cart is enabled

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